About Us

Founded in 2001 by experienced engineers in the plastics industry, our company has always been introducing new technologies to companies in the sector and offers them opportunities to work more efficiently. The necessary machinery for the plastics industry, providing the accessories so we call automation systems and ancillary equipment.
First, our company is committed to customer satisfaction, the establishment of a sales and customer service team has been next to this day. Our goal as a company is to increase the productivity of companies in the sector and enable them to achieve higher profits. For this purpose we choose carefully the companies we work with partners.
Open to new technologies that can renew itself, working with companies producing new technologies is possibility to get to know us and our customers at the forefront. Given that the energy of the most important issues in today's world, given the energy can be increased each day of the plastics industry is certainly also be affected. Therefore, innovations in plastics machinery focused on efficiency and economy. A class has begun to take its place in the machinery sector. Ax Plastics Technology Industry. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. As always our most important principle to provide accurate and efficient investment services of our industry.